Second Saigon Story

People chat and drink at a street side cafe in Ho Chi Minh City June 13, 2012

After a hectic week at work straight off my flight from Vietnam, I have finally had some time to sit down and edit my photos. Only stopping in Ho Chi Minh for a couple of nights, before heading to the beaches of Mui Ne, didn’t give me as many opportunities as I would have liked to be out wandering the streets of Saigon looking for photos and soaking up the atmosphere, as when I was there in 2009. Although the city didn’t seem to have the same heartbeat as it did during Tet, not as many people, not as many bikes, there is still a great ambience with tons of friendly faces and lots to do. The great thing about Saigon is how nearby a lot of the main attractions are, once you have braved crossing the roads you can get around the city on foot. And when you are tired you will never be too far from a streetside vendor with an ice cold drink and a stool for you to sit on and watch the world go by. One thing I forgot was how fantastic the food is, bowls of Pho and Rice Paper Rolls for no more than a couple of pounds. Here are a few of my favourites photos from Ho Chi Minh, check back next week and I will put some up from my Mui Ne adventure.

A man BBQs on the street in Ho Chi Minh City

A man rests on his bike in Ho Chi Minh City

A woman dressed in a Ao Dai buys fruit from a street vendor in Ho Chi Minh City

A woman navigates the streets of Ho Chi Minh City on a tricycle June 12, 2012

The rice paper rolls at Quan An Ngon in Ho Chi Minh City June 13, 2012

A bowl of Beef Pho at Quan An Ngon June 13, 2012

A bellboy at the Tan Hai Long Hotel and Spa in Ho Chi Minh City is left holding the baby while guests prepares for an excursion June 12, 2012



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