Apps with a view

I wanted to have a closer look at my iPad apps which showcase news photography at its best. I currently only have five apps and I’m always on the lookout for more as I think the iPad, especially with the new retina display, is an amazing device for viewing photography.

ImageThe Big Picture, if you haven’t seen before this is where The Boston Globe regularly produces galleries of great photojournalism of current affairs.








Alan Taylor who set up The Big Picture moved onto the Atlantic Magazine in 2011 and continued his excellent work producing galleries for the In Focus section of the website. Although the app is for the whole magazine you can easily find the In Focus section and flick through the photo stories.

Both apps run a bit a slower than their website brothers, each photo takes a while to load and the Atlantic app has an annoying gaffe which displays the same byline for all photos but being able to look at each photo without any distracting elements and being able to get the caption with a quick tap makes both apps worthwhile.


Reuters Galleries and Telegraph Pictures are similar to the The Big Picture and Atlantic magazine apps but are updated on a daily basis with best of the day slideshows rather than on an ad-hoc basis.




The final app I have is Guardian Eyewitness which is updated with only one photo a day. The great thing about this app is that all photos include a pro tip and if available the exif data detailing the Camera, lens, shutter speed and aperture settings.

What good apps do you have that showcase photography on your iPad?


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