I was surfing the web recently and I found a link on a portfolio site to cinemagraphs. I have to admit that I didn’t know what one was. After noticing a subtle, minor repeating movement in the otherwise still images I realised I had seen this technique before, I just didn’t realise they were called cinemagraphs.

I was interested to see how they were made and wanted to give one a go myself. I checked out a few sites that claim to show the best 40 or 60 cinemagraphs and from that I made up my own mind as to what I thought would made the best . The picture has to have some motion that is frozen otherwise it can almost look like a short video being looped. Also I think the more subtle the movement the stronger the picture is. So here is my first attempt.

Nodding Bear Cinemagraph

Nodding Bear Cinemagraph

It didn’t work out as well as I hoped. I don’t think you can see the juice filling the glass clearly enough as the “frozen movement” and you can see a jerk in the movement of the bear’s head when it loops. This hasn’t put be off attempting another one, I think some more interesting subject matter like a skate park should make a great picture.

I followed the instructions from here, but you can easily find more instructions that are tailored for your own software as well as apps that claim they can produce cinemagraphs.

Have you ever attempted to make a cinemagraph?

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