Projects in the pipeline

I’ve been at bit busy recently working on a few exciting projects that I want to talk about. Unfortunately they have kept me away from creating anything new for the blog but you might see a couple of them here in the coming weeks.

Firstly, together with my gorgeous and talented wife we have been designing a calendar, mainly as something to give to loved ones at Christmas but also as a way to showcase some of my photography. It has turned out to be a more challenging task than I first imagined. It is something I have wanted to do for many years but have never gotten around to. Picking at least 12 images that follow some sort of theme and are appropriate for each month of the year is not as easy as it sounds, especially with someone who is as fussy as me. We are almost there with the layout of the calendar done and the images picked out, it’s just down to me to make the final toning and editing adjustments to the pictures. Expect to see plenty of photos from my travel photography posts.

Tourists explore the Red Sand Dunes at Mui Ne, southern Vietnam

Another ongoing long term project I am working on is for my mum. Shortly after she retired she complied a book detailing her journey from Sweden to England along with lots of family history that her mum had collected. It traces back the family tree over 230 years. The book contains lots of old family photos and I wanted to turn this into a great professionally printed and finished book that in turn we could pass down the generations. My mum still has the original photographs in her copy, I just have a colour photocopy of the book. I am trying to get her to scan in the originals and email them to me. This is proving to be more difficult than imagined. I don’t know what I was hoping for, me trying to teach a silver surfer how to use a scanner on the telephone 6776 miles away is quiet a challenge. I think I will have to put this project on hold until I go back at Christmas and can show her step by step. I would love to go to Sweden and shoot for the project in the meantime I might just have to rely on using some of my archive.

A sign points directions in a forest in northern Sweden, September 2005

A sign points directions in a forest in northern Sweden, September 2005

Finally something that I have only recently started on is an ebook from my old photography coursework. A lot of which is very basic but it covers a lot of ground that my friends ask me after they have purchased their first SLR camera. My handwriting back then was dreadful, my notes look like someone has squashed a thousand black spiders in between two pages of A4, so it should be fun trying to decipher that. I might re-look at some of the assignments we were given too and see how my approach and results differ from the first time around.

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