My Top 10 Photography Gifts Wish List

Dear Santa….

I know this is very early but I have already started to make arrangements and buying gifts for Christmas. I thought I would share my personal top ten photography related gift ideas. These are all things I would love to see under my Christmas tree, I have no expectations of getting any of these and just to have one would be amazing and make me very happy. My wife says I’m a nightmare to buy for, either my gifts are too expensive or so specific that it spoils the surprise. There are no exceptions here as you will probably see straight away from the price bracketing.

£ – under £10, ££ – £10 – £50, £££ – £50 – £499, ££££ over £500

1. Fuji FinePix X100 ££££

I always have a camera of some sort with me, even if it’s just my iPhone, however I never feel confident enough with what I decide to carry. Sometimes I feel my Ricoh GR is too short, I love my Canon 5D with 50mm 1.4 but that can feel too tight. I have had a little play with the Fuji Finepix X100 and it feels like the perfect camera for street photography, it has manual controls that remind me of my very first SLR camera. However if investing so much money into a piece of equipment I would want to try it out first any make sure I’m 100% happy with it. So watch this space and I might do a review on it in the coming weeks.

2. Domke Backpack Straps ££

I love the accessibility of my over the shoulder Domke bag. Being able to grab my camera or change lenses without having to stop and take a backpack off feels revolutionary. I know this might sound like I am taking a step back in time, but after taking some long treks with all the pressure on one shoulder I thought these straps might be the perfect comprise.

3. Portfolio App for iPad ££

I’ve seen many reviews saying this is best Portfolio App for an iPad, although for an app it’s not the cheapest a lot of the “free” portfolio apps require you to sign up for a membership with a companion website to be able to manage your content. So  I think this one time investment is a good option.

4. Taking my time – Joel Meyerowitz ££££

I’m sure you will have seen the work of Meyerowitz. His street photography is fantastic and to have a collection of his work would be amazing especially this limited edition two volume monograph. However any street photography book by Meyerowitz or Henri Cartier Bresson would be greatly appreciated.

5. TC-80N3 Cable Remote Control. ££

You may have seen my time-lapse post, I had to use my Ricoh GR to make it as I don’t have a way to trigger my Canon 5D on a time-lapse. The GR is limited with only having the equivalent of a 28mm lens and you can only set the camera to fire once every five seconds maximum. The cable remote would mean I can shoot time-lapses with more freedom of interval settings and lens choices, it would also be great for shooting long-exposure photos.

A great fun alternative would be the Astro by Mindarin perfect for adding movement into a time-lapse but a bit more pricey than the Cable Remote Control.

6. Subscription for BJP £

In my opinion, the best photography magazine on the iPad. Enough Said!

7. Adobe photoshop touch app for iPad £

It’s top of the line when editing your photos on your computer, the iPad app should be awesome too.

9. CF Cards £

You can never have enough of these little beasts. I like to keep my capacity low so I am considered about what I shoot and trying to recover a 64gb card instead of an 8gb card is just crazy.

8. Film £

With a pinhole camera, Olympus OM-10 & a basic underwater film camera I should never be without a roll of film. A great stocking filler too.

10. Lacie Rugged 256gb Solid State Drive £££

For me this would be a perfect traveling companion. Put it in your bag without having to worry that the disks will become misaligned, losing all your data, with the slightest bump.

What would be on your photography gift list?

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